Lowering sudden High Blood Pressure with Food (and other tricks)

These tricks will help you buy time and feel better before you go get help. As always, these tips will not replace your meds or doctor, but may prevent further damage. Click here for the Niume article 

Gadgets That Help U Lose Weight

Ever wondered what to do to eat better, easier? Here is a list of gadgets that will help you do just that! Dash Buttons For just 4.99 *which gets discounted from your first order* you can get one of these buttons,  program them with one push to your smartphone, and order healthy snacks and drinks... Continue Reading →

Asian Food Diet Hacks

Even if you do not eat any type of ethnic food, think about this. A lot of true Asian dishes are super flavorful and cooked with tons of legumes and veggies. Some are even vegan or vegetarian! Read on give it a try!. You may never see "dieting" the same way again. Click for the... Continue Reading →

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