Avocado Burrata Toast

๐Ÿฅ‘ Any excuse to get an avocado in, eh? I tried this recently and saw it as an appetizer at a local restaurant. As you know, I have an issue with appetizersย  and so I made an experiment to have this as my main course. It was an excellent example on how what seems likeContinue reading “Avocado Burrata Toast”

The Salad Issue

I got into a few discussions today:ย  Are big, busy salads worse than eating pizza or burgers?ย  My take was NO. I already heard the argument of calories, fat, carbs and added “stuff” that people get with croutons, dressing, bacon bits and all. Still here’s what I think. If you are watching carbs, BUSY saladsContinue reading “The Salad Issue”

How do you eat your avocado?

I love mine bare bones! Just a bit of sea salt and truffle-infused olive oil ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿฝ The King of Superfoods is as versatile as it is green. Guacamole is just ONE way to eat it. But, first, some facts. Low in carbs but loaded in all the good stuff,ย  try it on EVERYTHING! I loveContinue reading “How do you eat your avocado?”