Keep it #LowCarb with the Right Carbs!

  Carbohydrates are not bad. They are necessary. ย Don’t fall for the carb trap and trick your body to get the good stuff in! 1. Get your crunch on! Crunchy greens are as loud in texture as chips and crisps. Get creative with new flavors and colors, mixing them with sweet, dried fruit. 2. “Lace”Continue reading “Keep it #LowCarb with the Right Carbs!”

Zero Carb Pizza. For real!

I got this recipe from the #NewYorkTimes cooking section, to which I give the #shoutout, so check out Robert Farrar’s recipe below, and tell him that the Diet Chic digs it. MINE IS DIFFERENT, though.ย My version is for ONE person who is not that terribly into cheese but still wants a taste of pizzaContinue reading “Zero Carb Pizza. For real!”

15 Low-Carb Delicious Ideas!

In a world infested with carbs and hidden sugars, FIGHT BACK! Protein has never been more creatively delicious to eat! 1. ZERO CARB THIRTY Prepare a Cali Cobb with bacon, shrimp, shredded chicken, avocados, choice of cheese, and lots of crunchy veggies. No salad dressing needed. Eat one huge salad in small portions throughout theContinue reading “15 Low-Carb Delicious Ideas!”

Best #Healthy #Breakfasts (that taste better than junk food)

You think there’s no time to eat a good, filling breakfast? Think twice, boo! Just one thing: Ditch the cereal, toss the granola bar, and PLEASE do not substitute breakfast with a soda. Click here forย some great ideas!