7 Keto Finds! Low Carb Snacks for the win!

I went keto grocery shopping with the fine folks at Netrition . This is an online grocery store for all things #keto.

So, here are the most kikass findings I was able to get..and for a great price. I am cheap AF.


Meet you new best friend!

2. Smartcake: Bae approved!

3. ChocZero: A chocolate that tastes just like MonCheries!!

4. Thin Slim Foods’ Zero Carb Bread

I’ve tested it Over and over. The secret is to butter or oil the bread the second the toast pops. I’ve made grilled cheese sandwiches, and now with the Keto Nutella Inwill eat my favorite Spanish treat: pan y chocolate!!!

5. Smart Sweets

Can’t help the sweet tooth? You are in LUCK!!!

5. Konjac noodles. Better than the “real” (fattening) thing!

6. Keto Pancakes!!! By Good Dees Mix!!!

These are no-joke good. And the keto syrup by @ChocZero is to kill for.


I love all! Protes for Nachos, Whisps, you name them! Here’s all of them!

Have a Keto Fabulous time!!!!

Perfect Pairings: Keto Style

…And they lived happily ever after.

Chiles Toreados and Guacamole

If you hate NOT dipping something on queso or guacamole when going out to the Mexican, look no further than chiles toreados!

See, the jalapenos lose a lot of the spice during the heating process, but don’t let it fool you. You can control the heat by taking out the seeds (boo!) and then grilling them coated on olive oil. Mmmmm

Peppers, cheese and…peppers!


Featured peppers: jalapeno and ghost pepper slices on delicious cream and mozarella, wrapped in bacon. I guess that makes a three-way of sorts!

Steak and Eggs

The ultimate decadence, especially if the steak is medium rare!

This here is my Waffle House go-to meal of choice. Delicious. Almost doesn’t piss you off to leave out the hash browns.


Chorizo with queso: Queso fundido with chorizo

The best keto Mexican dip is Queso Fundido with Chorizo. Omg I swear I can eat this whole thing up with a spoon.


Shrimp and Avocados

No matter how you combine them, they always do well.


What are your favorite pairings? Shout them out?



The Keto Box, October πŸ–πŸ—πŸ₯—

They went out of their minds this time. Here are today’s goodies which arrived right before the hurricane hits! Hit me here if you want one too!

First, THIS!

The cookies kicked butt

The sweets were amazing and now I have new favorites!

And this walnut butter is insane

They even sent me crunchy snacks! I don’t like garlic I’ll write that on feedback so they send another flavor.

But THESE NUTS!!!! Hot af and delish

And seasonings!!!

And even something to wash it all down

And coupons!!!

Get your own ketobox today!!

KETO Wing Challenge

The only thing that makes me break off Keto is southern fried chicken.

So, here it goes: 3-way Keto crispy wing challenge. May the Force be with us.

Version 1: Just seasonings

Separate the skin, add coconut oil, spice it up with the Flavor God seas. Add to Air Fryer for 400deg/ 17 mins.

Version 2: Same but add baking powder

Same amount of time in the Air Fryer. They are crunchy but make sure you coat them VERY WELL.

Version 3: All plus 1/3 c Coconut flour

I was not impressed. I must have done something wrong. Maybe I should stick to oil and old fashion frying. Anyway, I ate them all.

ONLY THE ONES I ATE THE SAME DAY STAYED CRUNCHY. So, they will not keep until then next day, unless you re-fry. I microwaved them. Boo!

Share how you make yours!!

Chicharrones Alfredo πŸ˜‚

There’s a ROFL emoji at the end of this title in case you are reading from an Android platform or something else.

I had no meat to make my konjac noodles. If you’re scared about these noodles, or think that you cannot eat them or cook them, have news for you. All you need to do is wash them and heat them up. It’s easier than making a box of macaroni and cheese. It also carries only 5 g of carbohydrates.

The Chicharrones (pork rinds/skins)

So, I used chicharrones in order to try my Alfredo experiment.

I chose the chicharrones that had the most fat in them,

but I apparently did not learn the lesson from the last time and I let the noodles cook in the fat of the pork rinds, and I almost burned everything.

So, in comes the heavy cream again.

And it all comes down to this: HELLO, BEAUTIFUL!

And the hidden heroes are: a dash of Badia and one cracked cube of BEEF bouillon

Nutritional value:

120 sour cream

70 laughing cow

95 noodles

80 chicharrones

360 cals, 7 total carbs. Be happy!

I think I perfected the Keto Carbonara

So you already saw my previous post. Now, guess what??? TAKE OUT the heavy cream and follow it verbatim like Hungrygirl:

  • 2 wedges Laughing Cow Asiago
  • 2 TBSP sour cream
  • use bacon and cook all in its fat and….leftover steak, cooked medium rare and…


Low Carb Carbonara Sauce Keto part deux.

Still trying to attempt the perfect keto low carb Carbonara sauce. Trying to replace the eggs, I opted for other foods.

The final product is: 398 cals (1 bowl) 8 net carbs. 29g fat.

2LC wedges, 2TBSP Parmesan, 1 TBSB sour cream, 2TBSP heavy cream,

I also added a small round of a prosciutto/mozzarella roll. Then, I added 1/3 c bacon bits.

The lesson learned was that it was more fat than dairy so when I microwaved it, the fatty meat fried up and reduced the sauce.


But, I could crunch it up and still integrate it.

SO, then I microwaved the noodles and to all that water out.

And then mixed and put together in Tupperware’s best frigging contraption: it’s like a Dutch oven, but mini. idk what it is called.

It’s a bad pic of it

So here is the final product, undecorated.

Looks like all the other ones I’ve made BUT, MAN, the taste is IN-SANE on this one.

And a whole bowl of fettuccini Carbonara this tasty, for less than 400 cals and less than 9 carbs, is a good thing! πŸ˜‰

Best lettuce wrap ever: The Mighty LOLALICIOUS

I am obsessed with this lettuce wrap I created it. I call it the LOLALICIOUS.

It is a comb version of my dream sandwiches: Dagwood and Gargatuan (Jimmy Johns), except, made into keto.

Here are the steps and ingros: 4 sliced pepperonis on 1 tbsp tzaziki sauce

Add antipasto olives and some cheese

Add hot peppers. Well mine anyway

Add salami and a tbsp of sour cream to ease da heat


The Keto Journey: Month 3

  • This is a rant/ journal entry so you are welcome to skip this and wait to a cooler post LOL, I’m just tracking my “progress.”
  • Month 3 – Barely denting it.
    • Going into the third month of this lifestyle, I have had ups and downs all together. All I can see changes in my body, and I have not needed one of my medications anymore.
    Super slow but steady. Still got ways to go. Ugh.
    • The only frustrating thing has been that my scale does not drop 20 pounds in a short period of time. In fact, it dwindles. It comes up and down however it wants to. So I stopped caring about the numbers.
    The thing is, the pics vary as well! May have to just take measurements.

    Miracles aren’t real. Neither are “miraclelites”

    • I am realizing now that three months is not even a fraction of what a lifestyle entails, so I am still starting out.

    All I want is for my body to dissolve it’s own fat from within: the dangerous kind! Keto and Fatty Liver

  • I need to remember that the primary reason for this lifestyle, is for my body to read it self up the type of body fat that will cause future medical issues
    • stenosis
      midsection fat
      and the dreadful fat that accumulates around your face as you age.

    At least I finally made peace with food


    • Then, there is the fact that a keto lifestyle makes it easier to eat because the unnecessary foods ( processed breads, chips, starchy potatoes, rice and pastas) can all be swapped for something more substantial and with actual nutritional value.
    Best bread loaf ever!
    Best β€œbread loaf” ever

    I don’t like the calorie counting and macros thing because I chose to continue to consume alcohol, but exercise can help with that. It is my responsibility to find an exercise that doesn’t hurt my knees. No excuses there.