Turkey Tails (forever Thanksgiving here)

I’m not sure if you have ever heard of turkey tails. But let me describe them the following way:

  • Mega meaty cuts
  • Lots of fatty skin
  • Tender, yet, not soft meat (think “massive giblet”)
  • Tasty AF
  • What are they?

    I’ll leave you to it. Turkey Tails


    Think “chicken thigh” with giblet/gizzard rubbery, yet, fun to eat texture.


    No joke. It has a different, nice, festive, gamey, frigging delish taste.

    How to make it?

    I made it twice: once, overloaded with seasonings in the Air Fryer

    Second recipe: Cut up the pieces into chunks and spray butter to no end. Add porkkinggood pork rinds powder, add to Airfyer. Heavenly I won’t lie. It was the most fun food to eat with zero guilt. AND—it was fun to cook, cheap to buy (they are considered “throw aways- HECK NAW)

    Add wasabi mayo. It’s delicious. Buen Provecho!

    Easy Keto Cream of Mushroom Soup

    I whined so much before trying.

    This soup makes two cups, at 300 calories per cup, but around 2 carbs total per cup which is pretty cool. Just check your macros, and go for it.


    • 1/2 c heavy cream
    • 2 Chicken broth
    • 1 package sliced mushrooms
    • Badia seasoning, adobo, or any combo seasoning of salt, pepper, garlic and herbs.
    • 1/2 c powdered pork rinds
    • 1/3 c trinity mix
    • 1/4 c shallots (optional)

    Chop the mushrooms and fry them along with the shallots and trinity mix.

    I added chicken Chicharrones to the mix for consistency and a bit more texture. Make sure all is cooked thoroughly.

    Once all is completely cooked, transfer the mix to a blender. Here is where I added the 1/4 c of ground pork rind to make the future soup thick.

    The soup will be a big lump. So, now you want to add the chicken broth and heavy cream and blend it all together until you feel comfortable with texture.

    Mine came out like this. I did add pork rinds as a topping. YUMMO

    Happy 2019! Keto BBQ for a New You!

    Hello! Have a butt-kicking 2019 with TONS of blessings, love, prosperity, and health!!!

    Re-starting your diet? Consider Keto, since January is just the “trial month” for New Years lol.

    BBQ joints (SANS the sauce, sadly) can become your best friends for Keto. I’ve tried this like 10 times and 10 times I’ve found some amazing keto stuff to eat.


    Yes, I know- BBQ joints are to get the most sauce you can have, and maybe pair the bbq with something starchy. That’s what I had to learn to maneuver.  Because the best pairings for BBQ ribs for keto are:

    • green beans (3-9 carbs)
    • pimento cheese (2-5 carbs)
    • vinegar-based cole slaw (and still check nutrients carefully) (6-9 carbs)
    • house salad with full fat dressing- (4-6 carbs)

    So, I went with the latter!  My eternal sides are pimento cheese or side salad with ff dressing.




    In Alabama we got the Alabama White Sauce, which is carb-free.


    They got it in Tennessee as well, but theirs got an extra ingredient, I think, and has more calories. I don’t really care, I like them both 🙂

    What To Get???

    But…for the love of ribs (over mac and cheese) stick to the meats and greens. Cole slaw? Try the vinegar based.


    You won’t even feel stuffed, even if you manage to finish your plate! That is my promise to you. Also….drink water throughout the day if you engage with any of these meals.

    Don’t forget, now pork rinds are everywhere, and they are served as side dishes. They are perfect, too. I had mine in Nashville with smoked wings.


    So, Happy New Keto You!  And may you OWN this year!

    My Jimmy Johns’s Un-Which Replica… “but I’m not a wrapper”

    I am addicted to Jimmy Johns’s Unwiches, aka “lettuce wraps”. I have a gallery of them. So I took my favorite, the BIG ITALIAN, and reproduced it at home using: bacon, London Broil ham from Publix (OMG), pepperoni and tons of hot peppers.

    I need to her better at wrapping but, hey!

    The “bready” one above is made with low carb pockets. I caved in at just 5 carbs, but lettuce was SOOOO much better.


    Get the ready to microwave bacon. Mega crispy. I also add olives bc I don’t like tomatoes 🙂 and, yes, Mayo BETTER BE an option for MY KETO. 🙂

    I told you it is a gallery of them!

    The Keto Box December Review. Shut Da Front Do’

    Oh they really did it this time!!! The Keto Box DELIVERED. I’m so excited to be able to eat these snacks and still DEPUFF DIS FACE!

    Get your own here. Btw I am not a paid spokesperson nor anything. I’m just an over-eater who wants to keep eating and lose weight 🙂

    THE GOODIES!!! We start with COOKIES!!!! 🍪🍪

    And we continue with cookie flavors!!!

    THEN , sweets- a huge SHOUTOUT TO CHOCZERO- the most delicious Keto chocolate EVAAAAAA

    And that chic right there with the brittle?? Insane.

    The SAVORIES!!!!

    So there, get your own Keto box and eat ERRRYTHING!!!!

    Cheesy Chicharrones Cauliflower Rice

    You NEED chicharrones in your life.

    Woah Crunchy Mama!

    Mega crunchy and filling when out of the bag, but meaty and tender when cooked.

    ZERO CARB STUFFING!!!! Same tastexture!! 🙂

    I’ve used them for everything, from stuffing (no bread, just chicharrones) to a welcome addition to riced veggies and beans. Man! So good!

    For this recipe I used

    2 c riced cauli

    2 wedges laughing cow cheese

    1 tbsp avocado oil spread

    1 slice CoJack cheese

    1 serving of chicharrones, broken up.

    I used my Cook It tool by Tupperware.

    Here are the results

    Mac and Cheese ain’t cutting it anymore! Enjoy!!!

    Artichoke Chicken Dip Zoodles

    This was insane. Mix a regular artichoke dip with Zoodles and magic happens:

    3tbps Kroger Artichoke and Chicken dip was all I needed. For added flavor, break a Laughing Cow Asiago wedge in.

    Then add you poisons, like mine here

    This one below was before the hot sauce

    Finally, I added a meat and Parmesan to make this beauty right here!

    320 cals. 6 carbs tops. Voila!

    Zero Carb Stuffing!! With Chicharrones!

    I made the chicharrones stuffing recipe suggested by Bacon’s Heir.

    I did it because I love fking stuffing but I don’t want bread with mine.

    Check it out:

    • 1 bag fatty chicharrones. The cracklings with fat attached.
    • 3 celery ribs
    • Powdered onion (I don’t like real ones)
    • 1/2 cup broth (chicken is better; I used beef, no biggie.

    It will start out looking like this. I used Tupperware’s “Cook It” container and gave it 10 mins in the micro, covered.

    Don’t be scared. Once you break 1 egg on top, and heat 3 more minutes, it will feel soft like a pillow.

    Slowly integrate the broth to “break” the pillow apart.

    The fat of the chicharrones will cook all the other veggies.

    All combined, spray the top and broil for added crunchiness. I can’t believe this bloody worked!

    Happy Holidays!!!!

    The result is that the crackling will turn soft and chewy (and sinfully

    GNC PRO KETO BOX review

    I got the #gncprobox today and I have to say that GNC has absolutely knocked it out of the ballpark with this box.

    You can be a pro member for $40 a year. You get the box every season and it comes loaded with a lot of things. I chose the keto version of the box.

    LOOK!!! Another KETO Nutella!!!!

    I am not a paid sponsor, just a happy customer. Go to GNC.com and enter the pro box promotion! Have fun!