6 Low Carb Finds You Will Love!

Tajin Peanuts. Tajin is the mix of tamarind powder, chili and lime. It has a sour flavor with the buttery finish of the peanut. Try not to eat then whole bag.

Paul Newman’s Queso- This cheese dip is perfect when you eat it warm. Enjoy with low carb chips like Protes or Quest (I prefer Quest)

Gone Rogue chicken chips- Yes, you read correctly: CHICKEN CHIPS. Now, these may or may not be your cup of tea. They are very crunchy but ( to me) a bit gritty. Check them out on Amazon.

Cheddar Stuffed Bellas and Pesto Spiralized Kits- These are so delicious and simple to make! Keto friendly and super easy.

Cream of Bacon!!! This unit is not as low carb as what it sounds like. However, a little goes a LONG way when mixed with broccoli, or to make Spinach Maria. Yum.

Sorry for the twisted pic! Lol. What have you found lately?

6$ Low Carb ft. SPAM

Yesssssss!!!! An underrated hero from the depths. SPAM has only 6 carbs PER CAN and the possibilities are endless.

So I mixed SHIRITAKI noddles (4net carbs)




Chopped red onions

More butter

And it was delish. Shiritaki noodles are the best thing since sliced bread. 20 calories, 2 carbs per serving. HELLO!!!

I love this dish too much.

6 bucks PLUS worth!!!

Keto Box Review, April

Woah. They just kicked major butt here!!!

They have SWEET TEA!!!!!!

Snack Mix!!

More TEA!!!

Cookies and my favorite, CHOC ZERO


And even hydration sticks with ZERO sugar and TONS of minerals!!

They also threw in a banana cake and a DANG BAR. That’s exactly what you say when you eat them: DAANNNG


Happy Keto!!!

Ribs for Breakfast

Best Keto breakfast ever have been ribs. Yes, sounds weird and greasy, but if you do intermittent fasting (IF) every day starting at around 3pm, ribs will sound pretty good.

They are meaty, zero carbs, and not significantly dense in protein. Moreover, if you have them on their own, you won’t feel the bulk of a starchy breakfast.

Meal Prep:

I use the Air Fryer for the smaller riblets. I get the riblets from Piggly Wiggly or Publix. It is hard to find them this size, but you can always request.

For the bigger ones, I use stonewear, sprinkle with adobo, then slam them in the oven for 20 mins each side. That’s it.

The slice them out and have them ready to eat as you go!

They are the best choice ever. And– you will be full enough all day to just stick to one thing at time !

Tadaaaaa! The End! πŸ–

Keto Box Review for March!!!

She is here!!! The keto Box this month was savory and sweet. If you want your own, click here to get it at a discount.

I get it every month (I am not a paid spokesperson) and I love love having keto snacks at the reach of my hand. Try one!!

Keto Snacks! Snacks! Snacks!!!!

  • Here are my recent findings that are DBC approved all the way!!!
  • 1. Keto Corn Chips. Hands down, Quest chips, at 4 net carbs per bag, is the best option. They come in nacho, ranch, and chili lime.
  • 2. Keto cheese balls, croutons and Cocoa Puffs!!!! I got these from Shrewd Foods, via Amazon. It’s insane!


    3. Primal Thin Keto Crackers- If you ever tried Mary’s Gone Crackers, you will love these even more! Also via Amazon.


    4. Keto crunchy cookies by Julian’s Bakery. This online bakery makes crunchy cookies with an almond flavor.

    5. Keto chocolate nut bars with no sugar alcohol from CHOC ZERO- This is LEGIT my favorite candy bar ever.

    6. Keto “Wheat Thins” but better! Crackers are from Cauli Foods and they feel and taste just like the other stuff.

    7. Paleo Bread for the win. This almond and coconut flour bread brand is not for those who dislike nut flour. However, if you play it carefully and learn to butter your bread right, it can feel like the other stuff.

    See? Keto Grilled CHeese Sammie

    Got any faves? Shout out in the comments! XO

    3 Rules of Keto for NON Obese people.

    If you are doing Keto and you are not obese, that is, that you only need to lose 30 lbs or less, learn this before Keto gets on your nerves for “not working.”

    1. If you are NOT obese, and already have some muscle definition: KETO WILL BE A SLOW PROCESS. Maybe 2 pounds loss per month in some cases.

    That’s me. Months later, the scale still says I’ve only lost 8 pounds.

    2. Be ready to focus on losing FAT and not weight. Learn to feel the difference, and forget the scales. YOU WILL FEEL IT.

    I felt it in my face, neck and skin. And I’m old.

    3. LIMIT your cheat meals. People who are not obese don’t have that much fat to lose. We can’t afford cheat meals the way others can. My best success has been keeping at least 2 full months at Keto. My “cheat” meals are not that bad, either. LIMIT THEM. Our bodies work differently.


    I’ll wait. Lol. Here are my legit GO TO MEALS for Keto:

    Check my next entry for more info!!!!

    Keto Box Review Jan 2019

    Better late than never! Get yours! Check out the January goodies!!!


    Very crunchy and delish. I would love it if they had a teriyaki flavor

    These feel, taste, & smell just like pasta. Zero guilt

    These went fast! I ate them all

    Turkey Tails (forever Thanksgiving here)

    I’m not sure if you have ever heard of turkey tails. But let me describe them the following way:

    • Mega meaty cuts
    • Lots of fatty skin
    • Tender, yet, not soft meat (think “massive giblet”)
    • Tasty AF
  • What are they?

    I’ll leave you to it. Turkey Tails


    Think “chicken thigh” with giblet/gizzard rubbery, yet, fun to eat texture.


    No joke. It has a different, nice, festive, gamey, frigging delish taste.

    How to make it?

    I made it twice: once, overloaded with seasonings in the Air Fryer

    Second recipe: Cut up the pieces into chunks and spray butter to no end. Add porkkinggood pork rinds powder, add to Airfyer. Heavenly I won’t lie. It was the most fun food to eat with zero guilt. AND—it was fun to cook, cheap to buy (they are considered “throw aways- HECK NAW)

    Add wasabi mayo. It’s delicious. Buen Provecho!