Diner Keto Hacks

Who would have thought Waffle House and. IHOP were keto friendly. Except for the waffles, pancakes and hashbrowns, the rest ain’t too bad.

Waffle House: Say: “Steak and eggs (your way), swap hash browns tomatoes (add WH salsa to them. Delish) and a side of bacon (or whatever other meat.)Hold the toast” (and don’t forget your please and thank yous)

Another hack: “Fiesta Omelette, extra ham, side of bacon

Ihop: Sirloin Tips and eggs, side of avocado. Delish. Too bad they sell Diet Pepsi and not Diet Coke.

You can do this with all their other meats: pork chops, country ham, and sausage. Mix and match and ditch the carbs!

Mexican keto diet hacks

It’s been war after my surgery. I packed up lethargy pounds, you know, those that come up bc you can’t move for a month?

It’s all in the past and I’m doing my best. Here are the latest Mexican restaurant hacks I did to stay Keto:

Mexican : Chile relleno and avocado salad forever! Sorry- no chips 😦 approx total 9-12 net carbs

Appetizer: Chiles toreados (roasted peppers) with guacamole- Approx 6 carbs

Another keto Mexican option: stick to the choriqueso dip (Mexican sausage and melted Queso) Approx 3 net carbs

I recommend these for chips and Queso at home .They are from the Dixie Low Carb Company

I’ll be back with grease spoon diner hacks! ❀️❀️❀️❀️

New snacks for the win!!!!

From pita pockets loaded with heart healthy flax seeds to crunchy bagel crisps, there has never been a better time to drop carbs and have fun eating!!!

Joseph’s flax PITAS!!!

Bagel Chips from Dixie Carb Counters.

Skinny Crisp Pita Chips!!!!

The best Keto chocolate in the world: CHOC ZERO!!!!

And of course— SMART SWEETS!!!!

Sour blast, too!!!

Check them out on Amazon (click links) or visit Netrition.com for more dietary choice foods!!!!!

Review of THE MAGIC SPOON πŸ₯„πŸ₯£ βœ¨βœ¨πŸ¦„ Keto cereal and it’s great!!!

Hello! I found this company while doing freelance writing work. They are The Magic Spoon and I suggest you Google them and how they came up with the formula for this:

Omg. They sell their cereal in 0-shapes. They come in cocoa, fruity, cinnamon and ……FROSTED!!!!

We ate the box of frosted in 1 1/2 days!!!!!

Check it out;

Get it directly from the store here: The Magic Spoon

Keto Pizza! Review of Real Good Foods Cauliflower Crust Pizza


I could just stop right there but I gotta let you see for yourself.

There’s the packaging. This was the Margherita but they also got the pepperoni one which is CRAZY GOOD πŸ•.

Ok, so 400 degrees, exactly 20 minutes from frozen. Leave one minute to cool. This is important because you want the ENTIRE crust to be crispy.

Normally, because I am crazy like that, I try to find the taste of cauliflower to turn myself off the product on purpose. Because, mild OCD. NOT HERE; DID NOT HAPPEN!!!!!

The crust is SUPER crispy. I added a slice of mozzarella for aesthetics but it was not necessary for flavor.

One 1/4 slice is 260 calories, 6 net carbs. WORTH IT ALL THE WAY!!!

You can get these from the supermarket, or buy in boxes from Amazon or from the company itself, Real Good Foods.


More Keto Snacks!

Never miss crackers and cookies again! Keto is everything.

THINABLES:Β  If you love CheezIts but can’t do the carbs. Try Thinables. I promise you they taste like the real thing. Get them from Amazon here.

Delightfully Yours Parmesan Crisps – Mega crunchy and super cheesy. These crisps are my favorite for dips. All kinds of dips!Β Β 

Get your Parmesan Crisps from Amazon by clickingΒ this link.

KETO MINI Cookies- Sweet, crunchy and delicious, these cookies will stave you off the carb temptations 100%.Β  Click on link to get them from Amazon at great prices.

Gimme Organic Teriyaki seaweed snacks-Β  These are great sources of fiber that will keep you full and satisfied all day, without any fear for jumping off the carb bandwagon.

Pretty great choices that keep you munching guilt free all day long. And without producing cancer-feeding glucose, which is my deal. What goodies have you found???

The Keto Box Review for May -YUMMO!

The Keto Box is a keto snack and food subscription that gives you 10-12 super awesome treats. If you are curious about it, get yours here.

Check out May’s box. It’s sold out, so you will be getting the also delicious June box. Boxes are sometimes themed and you always get coupons for getting these gourmet items cheaper!!

INTAK Cheese crispy curds-

Chicharrones 4505! Best pork rinds ever, baked, not fried!

Coconut chips- Great for Keto yogurt, ice cream, cereal, and more!

Keto Spaghetti meal: Skinny Noodles and Sugar Free Pizza sauce. Aaaaaaa!!

Chicken salt- Excellent, sugar-free seasonings

Keto brownies, nuts, and jerky! Perfect snacks!

Finally, there are the tomato wraps that has taken my heart

Delicious stuff Get yours with my code!