2 minute Keto-Toast!

This is my version of the 90-second Keto Bread in a microwave recipe by Lilly at Listotic.com Ingredients: Like the original recipe: Mix all, microwave 90 seconds. Mine came our like this: Then my extra 30 seconds came from browning it on the frying pan...and then eating it took less than 20 seconds LOL. Nutrition facts:... Continue Reading →


Alcohol Keto Cheat Sheet by Ruled.ME

This infographic is from Ruled.Me  - a wonderful site!  The graph RULES!!!!!!!!! So all credit goes to Ruled.Me and I invite you to visit. I found the artics mega helpful. Huge fan!

Paleo Hearty Soups

Ok so I wanted Chicken and Dumpling Soup. Two issues: cream and dumplings.  Solutions? Coconut cream substitutions and tapioca flour.  I tried this recipe from agirlworthsaving.net and it was the BOMB

Paleo or Whole30: Which one is for you?

Paleo vs Whole30? #Paleo, re-created and promoted by Dr. Loren Cordain and #Whole30, created by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, are two awesome nutritional plans, but they are not the same. Learn here which one is best for you! KEY  SIMILARITY: THE PREMISE- EAT REAL FOOD 1. Both diets avoid:  preservatives, sugar, dairy, wheat,  grains and... Continue Reading →

Asian Food Diet Hacks

Even if you do not eat any type of ethnic food, think about this. A lot of true Asian dishes are super flavorful and cooked with tons of legumes and veggies. Some are even vegan or vegetarian! Read on give it a try!. You may never see "dieting" the same way again. Click for the... Continue Reading →

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