“Mighty Meaty” Shirataki

I had a terrible craving for Mello Mushroom’s Mighty Meaty pizza, only to realize I always end up eating the toppings alone. They are delish: Ground beef Bacon Italian sausage Ham Well duh! I got all that at home! Most importantly, I have the BEST seasoning in town! The secret is seasoning with Parmesan!!! And,Continue reading ““Mighty Meaty” Shirataki”


Follow me on Instagram @dietblogchic and check out cool lowcarb ideas from me or my followers. I am just growing there, so, help this girl out 🙂 I’ve been super low on carbs. Everyone is different but I am aiming at less than 30g for now. I am sure I am blowing it up somewhereContinue reading “LowCarb-ing”

Cracker Barrel Hacks!

If you want your stuff and eat it too, look no further than swaps.  My boss and I found two potential candidates for SAFE EATING at the Barrel. Here is what we found:  Apple Cider BBQ chicken, stewed carrots, mashed potatoes. 290 cals- chicken 200 cals- mashed potatoes 80 cals- carrots .   Total: 580 calories.Continue reading “Cracker Barrel Hacks!”