🍲Chili: Conjuring the Winter Gods

This quick chili recipe packs tons of flavor with little calories. I eat two bowls per day plus a small Paleo breakfast and it works great.  Note: I know this is not Paleo. It is diet friendly and ❤️ trying everything.  1. 1 pack ground beef (tofu works too) 2. 1/2 can black beans andContinue reading “🍲Chili: Conjuring the Winter Gods”

The Appetizer Dilemma

I wish restaurants just stop calling them appetizers. No? The “Entry Level” salad Except it is pretty much upgraded, even when u get the “small” portion. My favorite is Greek because it is messy and I can play with it. Still, I prefer to have 1/2 of it and take the rest home  if I’mContinue reading “The Appetizer Dilemma”

Top 10 Fall restaurant dishes for Paleo, Keto and others!

Whether you are keto, Paleo or vegetarian, the Fall menus offered in restaurants can give you exactly what you are looking for, diet-wise. Check out what we’ve found.  1. Houlihan’s Squash lasagna – At less that 530 calories, u can enjoy a Super LOW Carb dish that is also comforting.  2. Mellow Mushroom’s Magic MushroomContinue reading “Top 10 Fall restaurant dishes for Paleo, Keto and others!”

The Salad Issue

I got into a few discussions today:  Are big, busy salads worse than eating pizza or burgers?  My take was NO. I already heard the argument of calories, fat, carbs and added “stuff” that people get with croutons, dressing, bacon bits and all. Still here’s what I think. If you are watching carbs, BUSY saladsContinue reading “The Salad Issue”

How to drink those 8 glasses of water a day!

Drinking water can be fun! Even 8 glasses a day! Plan your day ahead, and it may actually be worth trying! 1. TAKE A WHOLE GLASS WITH YOUR DAILY VITTIES Get a whole glass in when taking meds or vitamins. Take that chance to take an entire 8oz in, or take it into two gulpsContinue reading “How to drink those 8 glasses of water a day!”