Keto Box January 2020- Happy New Keto Year!

It’s a LOT of food this month. These keto snacks can be yours in one of two ways. You can do monthly box purchases for $39 plus shipping for a LOT of full-sized keto products. Or, you can do what I did,where I pay $114 flat with no charge for shipping, and my box arrives every month, for three months at a time. Delicious.  IMG_8659




First, check out this month’s baked goods to put you on the right track right away. Macros for each will follow.


Kiss My Keto BONE BROTH PACKETS.  OMG! – Perfect for hungry fasting, hangover mornings, or as a filling snack with a dash of hot sauce, these things are A GODSENT!

Kiss My Keto BrothsIMG_8667IMG_8668

Aaaahhhh My favorite! Skinny Pasta in Noodle Shape. Great for ALL your pasta and rice needs. Check out my other posts and see the delicious Alfredo pasta dishes I’ve made using this as a substitute for flour stuff. I even got my Dad fooled when I added these to his chicken noodle soups.

IMG_8669 - CopyIMG_8670IMG_8671

Guy Gone Keto Teriyaki Sauce- This is amazingly awesome. Imagine the Paleo Vegan Yakisobas you can make with these!


A marriage made in heaven

Guy Gone Keto + Skinny Pasta

If you love jerky, you will flip over this brand for free range chicken chunks!

DNX Free Range Chicken Jerky Peri Peri Style BarMacros

chicken bar

I AM NOT a huge fan of these keto bombs or keto shots. I think you can just go without, unless you are a body builder or you are training and testing your muscle capacity. Then, these are for you!


Dang Bars for  your sweet tooth!

Dang BarDangGet your KetoBox!

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