The Keto Box Review for May -YUMMO!

The Keto Box is a keto snack and food subscription that gives you 10-12 super awesome treats. If you are curious about it, get yours here.

Check out May’s box. It’s sold out, so you will be getting the also delicious June box. Boxes are sometimes themed and you always get coupons for getting these gourmet items cheaper!!

INTAK Cheese crispy curds-

Chicharrones 4505! Best pork rinds ever, baked, not fried!

Coconut chips- Great for Keto yogurt, ice cream, cereal, and more!

Keto Spaghetti meal: Skinny Noodles and Sugar Free Pizza sauce. Aaaaaaa!!

Chicken salt- Excellent, sugar-free seasonings

Keto brownies, nuts, and jerky! Perfect snacks!

Finally, there are the tomato wraps that has taken my heart

Delicious stuff Get yours with my code!

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