3 Rules of Keto for NON Obese people.

If you are doing Keto and you are not obese, that is, that you only need to lose 30 lbs or less, learn this before Keto gets on your nerves for “not working.”

1. If you are NOT obese, and already have some muscle definition: KETO WILL BE A SLOW PROCESS. Maybe 2 pounds loss per month in some cases.

That’s me. Months later, the scale still says I’ve only lost 8 pounds.

2. Be ready to focus on losing FAT and not weight. Learn to feel the difference, and forget the scales. YOU WILL FEEL IT.

I felt it in my face, neck and skin. And I’m old.

3. LIMIT your cheat meals. People who are not obese don’t have that much fat to lose. We can’t afford cheat meals the way others can. My best success has been keeping at least 2 full months at Keto. My “cheat” meals are not that bad, either. LIMIT THEM. Our bodies work differently.


I’ll wait. Lol. Here are my legit GO TO MEALS for Keto:

Check my next entry for more info!!!!

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