Happy 2019! Keto BBQ for a New You!

Hello! Have a butt-kicking 2019 with TONS of blessings, love, prosperity, and health!!!

Re-starting your diet? Consider Keto, since January is just the “trial month” for New Years lol.

BBQ joints (SANS the sauce, sadly) can become your best friends for Keto. I’ve tried this like 10 times and 10 times I’ve found some amazing keto stuff to eat.


Yes, I know- BBQ joints are to get the most sauce you can have, and maybe pair the bbq with something starchy. That’s what I had to learn to maneuver.ย  Because the best pairings for BBQ ribs for keto are:

  • green beans (3-9 carbs)
  • pimento cheese (2-5 carbs)
  • vinegar-based cole slaw (and still check nutrients carefully) (6-9 carbs)
  • house salad with full fat dressing- (4-6 carbs)

So, I went with the latter!ย  My eternal sides are pimento cheese or side salad with ff dressing.




In Alabama we got the Alabama White Sauce, which is carb-free.


They got it in Tennessee as well, but theirs got an extra ingredient, I think, and has more calories. I don’t really care, I like them both ๐Ÿ™‚

What To Get???

But…for the love of ribs (over mac and cheese) stick to the meats and greens. Cole slaw? Try the vinegar based.


You won’t even feel stuffed, even if you manage to finish your plate! That is my promise to you. Also….drink water throughout the day if you engage with any of these meals.

Don’t forget, now pork rinds are everywhere, and they are served as side dishes. They are perfect, too. I had mine in Nashville with smoked wings.


So, Happy New Keto You!ย  And may you OWN this year!

Published by herappleness

A born-again blonde, M.P. is a freelance writer working for ๐Ÿ”ฅAF companies such as Enotes, JustAnswer, Textbroker, BlogMutt, and Studypool (akaLikePlum). She is an ageless Anglophile ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง obsessed w/ literature, tech, hot sauce, laced vinegar, fizzy water, and black tea. Can't stand "issues." Friends are strictly curated (and very successful) people. Loves all public servants.

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