Cheesy Chicharrones Cauliflower Rice

You NEED chicharrones in your life.

Woah Crunchy Mama!

Mega crunchy and filling when out of the bag, but meaty and tender when cooked.

ZERO CARB STUFFING!!!! Same tastexture!! 🙂

I’ve used them for everything, from stuffing (no bread, just chicharrones) to a welcome addition to riced veggies and beans. Man! So good!

For this recipe I used

2 c riced cauli

2 wedges laughing cow cheese

1 tbsp avocado oil spread

1 slice CoJack cheese

1 serving of chicharrones, broken up.

I used my Cook It tool by Tupperware.

Here are the results

Mac and Cheese ain’t cutting it anymore! Enjoy!!!

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