7 Keto Finds! Low Carb Snacks for the win!

I went keto grocery shopping with the fine folks at Netrition . This is an online grocery store for all things #keto.

So, here are the most kikass findings I was able to get..and for a great price. I am cheap AF.


Meet you new best friend!

2. Smartcake: Bae approved!

3. ChocZero: A chocolate that tastes just like MonCheries!!

4. Thin Slim Foods’ Zero Carb Bread

I’ve tested it Over and over. The secret is to butter or oil the bread the second the toast pops. I’ve made grilled cheese sandwiches, and now with the Keto Nutella Inwill eat my favorite Spanish treat: pan y chocolate!!!

5. Smart Sweets

Can’t help the sweet tooth? You are in LUCK!!!

5. Konjac noodles. Better than the “real” (fattening) thing!

6. Keto Pancakes!!! By Good Dees Mix!!!

These are no-joke good. And the keto syrup by @ChocZero is to kill for.


I love all! Protes for Nachos, Whisps, you name them! Here’s all of them!

Have a Keto Fabulous time!!!!

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