Chicharrones Alfredo 😂

There’s a ROFL emoji at the end of this title in case you are reading from an Android platform or something else.

I had no meat to make my konjac noodles. If you’re scared about these noodles, or think that you cannot eat them or cook them, have news for you. All you need to do is wash them and heat them up. It’s easier than making a box of macaroni and cheese. It also carries only 5 g of carbohydrates.

The Chicharrones (pork rinds/skins)

So, I used chicharrones in order to try my Alfredo experiment.

I chose the chicharrones that had the most fat in them,

but I apparently did not learn the lesson from the last time and I let the noodles cook in the fat of the pork rinds, and I almost burned everything.

So, in comes the heavy cream again.

And it all comes down to this: HELLO, BEAUTIFUL!

And the hidden heroes are: a dash of Badia and one cracked cube of BEEF bouillon

Nutritional value:

120 sour cream

70 laughing cow

95 noodles

80 chicharrones

360 cals, 7 total carbs. Be happy!

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