Low Carb Carbonara Sauce Keto part deux.

Still trying to attempt the perfect keto low carb Carbonara sauce. Trying to replace the eggs, I opted for other foods.

The final product is: 398 cals (1 bowl) 8 net carbs. 29g fat.

2LC wedges, 2TBSP Parmesan, 1 TBSB sour cream, 2TBSP heavy cream,

I also added a small round of a prosciutto/mozzarella roll. Then, I added 1/3 c bacon bits.

The lesson learned was that it was more fat than dairy so when I microwaved it, the fatty meat fried up and reduced the sauce.


But, I could crunch it up and still integrate it.

SO, then I microwaved the noodles and to all that water out.

And then mixed and put together in Tupperware’s best frigging contraption: it’s like a Dutch oven, but mini. idk what it is called.

It’s a bad pic of it

So here is the final product, undecorated.

Looks like all the other ones I’ve made BUT, MAN, the taste is IN-SANE on this one.

And a whole bowl of fettuccini Carbonara this tasty, for less than 400 cals and less than 9 carbs, is a good thing! πŸ˜‰

Published by herappleness

A born-again blonde, M.P. is a freelance writer working for πŸ”₯AF companies such as Enotes, JustAnswer, Textbroker, BlogMutt, and Studypool (akaLikePlum). She is an ageless Anglophile πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ obsessed w/ literature, tech, hot sauce, laced vinegar, fizzy water, and black tea. Can't stand "issues." Friends are strictly curated (and very successful) people. Loves all public servants.

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