The Keto Journey: Month 3

  • This is a rant/ journal entry so you are welcome to skip this and wait to a cooler post LOL, I’m just tracking my “progress.”
  • Month 3 – Barely denting it.
    • Going into the third month of this lifestyle, I have had ups and downs all together. All I can see changes in my body, and I have not needed one of my medications anymore.
    Super slow but steady. Still got ways to go. Ugh.
    • The only frustrating thing has been that my scale does not drop 20 pounds in a short period of time. In fact, it dwindles. It comes up and down however it wants to. So I stopped caring about the numbers.
    The thing is, the pics vary as well! May have to just take measurements.

    Miracles aren’t real. Neither are “miraclelites”

    • I am realizing now that three months is not even a fraction of what a lifestyle entails, so I am still starting out.

    All I want is for my body to dissolve it’s own fat from within: the dangerous kind! Keto and Fatty Liver

  • I need to remember that the primary reason for this lifestyle, is for my body to read it self up the type of body fat that will cause future medical issues
    • stenosis
      midsection fat
      and the dreadful fat that accumulates around your face as you age.

    At least I finally made peace with food


    • Then, there is the fact that a keto lifestyle makes it easier to eat because the unnecessary foods ( processed breads, chips, starchy potatoes, rice and pastas) can all be swapped for something more substantial and with actual nutritional value.
    Best bread loaf ever!
    Best โ€œbread loafโ€ ever

    I don’t like the calorie counting and macros thing because I chose to continue to consume alcohol, but exercise can help with that. It is my responsibility to find an exercise that doesn’t hurt my knees. No excuses there.

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