Peppery Fat Hash

You’ll go back into ketosis within seconds!


  1. Medley of your fave hot peppers
  2. Full fat chicharrones ( I ❤️ Mac’s)
  3. Optional Dried seaweed snack (don’t click out yet, it works)
  4. Chicken thigh, fry the skin first
  5. Bacon bits
Best chicharrones


So mix it all up and add ONE TBSP of aioli

of any kind to bind together.

I added 3 giant shrimp just to add substance without adding protein macros

Total cals: 689

Fat: 46.6

Carbs 4.1

Protein: 56.3

Published by herappleness

A born-again blonde, M.P. is a freelance writer working for 🔥AF companies such as Enotes, JustAnswer, Textbroker, BlogMutt, and Studypool (akaLikePlum). She is an ageless Anglophile 🇬🇧 obsessed w/ literature, tech, hot sauce, laced vinegar, fizzy water, and black tea. Can't stand "issues." Friends are strictly curated (and very successful) people. Loves all public servants.

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