Kicked off Ketosis. This happened…πŸ—

Been quite frustrated. Hormone changes kicked me off ketosis & I’ve just had it.

So I cheated-ISH

“Ish”- because all I really ate off “the norm” was Southern Fried Chicken (breaded) which does to me what Xanax does to the frazzled. Let’s take a look why:

Exactly … that was Publix chicken btw. Damn.

So here were the “shock” symptoms:

  • Got sick
  • Felt foggy in the morning
  • Didn’t see the big deal either or
  • Figured I might as well continue Keto for the sake of the foggy brain and extra energy.

Conclusion: Keto living STILL makes sense because I eat necessary and not unnecessary food.


  1. Keto did not do a miracle on me, for I didn’t have that much weight to lose. βœ…
  2. In fact I was getting jealous of the 200plus pounders who were losing 20 pounds the first 10 days. Shit. That would have helped me some! Well, didn’t happen. 😞
  3. I can’t tell you that it made any immediate massive changes in my body except for my mood, brain power and energy. 🀘🏽
Typical keto breakfast: low carb scrambler by Krystal’4. Those changes are indeed very welcomeπŸ‘πŸ»
  1. I did do an antioxidant reading and my range was ONE RANK below the TOP healthy range. So, I was antioxidant -balanced with Keto. πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ»
  2. So I guess heavier people will find Keto to be a miracle worker while healthy-ish people with normal-ish weight may want to consider keto along with another alternative to weight loss (I do exercise and 16-hour IF) to make it target the zones.
  3. Keto is a bit anticlimactic if you aren’t very overweight. 😞
Wrap removed, this is my typical keto whatever’s
  1. The food is good though and you won’t get obsessed with eating. It becomes a norm.
  2. Maybe I really should not drink at all and see what happens.
  3. Yea, screw that part 😜

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