5 Diet Battles (from last week)

When away at conferences, all I can watch is CARBS only, because the extra activity and such will make me want to eat more automatically.  But the struggle is real.

Struggle 1: Catered food

As I have my eyes on meat and veggies only, in come the “sauces” and “rubs” and other annoying cooking tricks that add all sorts of junk to my food.  Ended up with this thing right here.

A block of blue cheese, some peppers (no salad) and who knows how they were pickled, and then that salmon had hidden quinoa or something around. Why? I don’t know.
I tried.

Struggle 2:  The breading ordeal.  Seems like bone-in chicken wings are the only breaded-free items in most places. I was lucky to accompany mine with pork rinds. That was a bonus. Still, went over my protein macros.

Pork Rinds at Peg Leg Porker @Nashville
Deliciously awesome smoked wings at Peg Leg Porker
Struggle 3: PORTIONS! Nearly 1/4 cup of cheese on a salad its a bit…much?

This is the NO SHELL Taco Salad with steak fajita meat by Chuy’s in Nashville.
Struggle 4:  Salad Dressing Issues –Even when ordering them on the side, they literally give you an entire cup of it. NEARLY A CUP!!!!!!

Blackened shrimp salad @Jason Aldean's Nashville
I am teaching myself to mix the salad toppings with Tabasco to avoid the cream altogether.

STRUGGLE 5: Deconstructing the Usual

In this place I went there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LOW CARB. Not even wings! The dip on top of their pulled pork nachos was about the only thing I could have. I had to ask for the salsa to be brought to me like this to see what the heck I was eating. A bit much, I know. But whatever.


LESSON? Always read the menus ahead. This last one was my fault, because I always know what to get. By the way, Jalapenos are just as good as nachos to dip on cheese 🙂

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