Protein Macros: More Lessons learned

I learned today that Newbie Ketonites like me will feel hungry until we learn to regulate 🀬 protein. πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ.

This bih put me over my protein macros by 10g!H.O.W!? Sausage ain’t even real meat!?

Well, sorry but I needed it and I sure as heck loved it. Then, I was told that it won’t kill me to go over the limit so much, and that it will cease eventually.

I guess I need to stuff myself with more fat. Incredible that I find that to be a problem.

Well most of my friends and I are same age and getting those scary “required medicals” before going back to teach😞.

We’ll all be stressed out so I think I’m just gonna eat a whole one of this (minus the chips. Forks work just fine):


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4 thoughts on “Protein Macros: More Lessons learned

  1. I must say that looks delicious! I’m plugging away at my fatty liver healthy eating plan, so far so good. We stopped for a salad and I even got unsweetened tea! Today was the first in a week that I almost caved and got sweet tea. Enjoying your keto meals.

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  2. I’m just starting mine and researching as I go. High protein, the good carbs, colorful fruit and vegetables, grass fed beef and salmon are some foods that are good. The high fructose corn syrup and sweets are not good. So far so good but I think I need a cheat day a week!


    1. Have you heard of the Paleo lifestyle? That definitely sounds like your plan. Once I re-Check my level of stenosis I will switch to Paleo again.


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