Keto Flu Rescue (ish)🥦

Keto Flu is here and she didn’t lie when she said she was gonna be a 🤬.

My brain = WACK.

Energy = WACK

Also, my hormones are nuts. Plus, the 🤬 macros are now telling me that I am eating terribly low amounts of fiber.

Still- no cravings! Yet. Lord help me trust the process.

And there is something else: I have not needed any of my usual meds in days. I even feel peaceful. 🤔

So I made this emergency Keto fiber dish that I wanted to share with y’all

  • 5 🥦 flowers
  • 1cup mushrooms (no emoji,really?)
  • 10 pepperonis (more fat than protein)
  • 1/4 c shredded 🧀
  • Crumbled blue cheese
  • 1 🌶

And 1 tbsp butter

I should have baked it but was too desperate to wait. I microwaved it. Ate it in seconds. My Keto flu is hitting HARD AF!

And my son ate my last Atkins meal after coming from the field from training. 😖


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