5-ingredient Keto “Potato” Salad

Here are my 5 ingredients:

Add cauli rice:

Then mix

Refridge & eat:

  1. Cauliflower rice: 3g carbs per 3/4 cups makes 2 1/4 cups total
  2. Aioli= 0 carbs, 3 tbsp= 150 cals
  3. Pepper sauce: 0 carbs 2 tbsp= 30 cals
  4. Sriracha mayo: 1 carb, 1tbsp = 40 cals
  5. 3 strips bacon= 150 cals
  6. 2 eggs= approx 140

So, let’s round this up to 530 if you eat all the recipe as a side dish. If you are in ketosis you are likely to not be THAT hungry bc you may be eating this with a protein if choice at zero carbs.

You’re good to go!


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