PaleoKeto Butter Tea Cookies

Tweaked to make it easier (and cheaper) and even less carbs per serving.


2 cups super ground flour 1 tbsp each of the liquids and powder. 1 cup of butter- or more 🙂

Missing in the picture: 2 tbsp:

Picture credit: ‘

flashFlash Five Directions: 1) Mix together, make into balls.  2) Pop on 325 for 10 minutes. 3) Bring out and smash with the fork. 4) Put them back 5 more minutes once flat.  5)Cool them off.


FLOUR INFO  2G CARB (3 minus 1 dietary fiber) per 1/8 cup

SO! 32g carbs in 2 cups. Nothing else has carbs. Divide it up among 10 cookies (full sizes) = 3.2 c per cookie.

The smell that will come out of your kitchen with the almond extract is INSANE!!!!

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