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I’ve been super low on carbs. Everyone is different but I am aiming at less than 30g for now. I am sure I am blowing it up somewhere with the salads, and who knows if that Zero carb bread really is it. We shall see in a week.

Meanwhile, check out some of the great things I’ve been eating!

  1. Martinis (dry, with olives) Because, vodka is zero carbs and olives are good for you.  Conclusion: Martinis are good for you (dry and dirty only) Calories- 160 Cabs .04 


2. Seaweed. Tons! Loaded with fiber (watch what they powder them with) and super crunchy and addictive, the Asian store has officially ran out of these forever. Info varies, but here is the best. Carb info


3. Jimmy John’s Unwich.  I take whatever they have, double the meat, and ask for no tomatoes. Unless lettuce is loaded with carbs, nothing else in the sandwich is.  Carb info

Here’s info: BAVI6667[1]

Good Deeds Pancake Mix, Mauna Loa Macas and Just the Cheese Toasted Cheese – Toasty cheese. Yes, cheese, nothing but cheese in a big cracker that is not a cracker. Crunchy macadamias. And the pancake mix that lets you eat pancakes. Here is more info IMG_E5238[1]

You already saw my ThinSlim foods zero carb bread find. I made eggy bread with it! Calories for bread 40/ 0 carb- More info!


The Hardee’s Low Carb Thickburger. OMG I am addicted to this! Remember: no ketchup-  Cal 440 /Carb- 3g


The Just The Cheese cheese bar. Yes, cheese! Cal: 150/ Carbs <1


And I GOT LOADS MORE, so follow me on Instagram! @dietblogchic.

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