The White Room @StAugustine FLA (and what you can eat there)- a healthy dream πŸ’ wedding is possible!

My beautiful friend had her dream wedding at St. Augustine, FLA and she was kind enough to invite me, even after she moved up North a couple of years back. It was amazing.Β All you need to see is right here!


TIP 1: Stick to the proteins. A ham and cheese charcuterie option with some olives will hold you up and may prevent that red wine to hit the penthouse in your head.Β 

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πŸ‘†πŸΌHere is the beautiful terrace locale. It is essentially two stories. The outside is a lovely patio facing the lighthouse and the yacht club. The inside can be for dancing, toasting, cutting the cake, and having appetizer bars.

Tip 2:Β Β Red wine suppresses your appetite and there will be plenty of dancing and moving around to burn the extra fun.

Tip 3:Β Stick to the proteins, the red wine, and moving around. Read on πŸ‘‡πŸ½

My friend’s appetizer bar was a long charcuterie board, and then there was the Gourmet Coffee Station, complete with biscotti, cream, all sorts of syrups, decaf and regular coffee, cheeses and the works.Β  πŸ‘‡πŸ½

Gourmet Coffee Station @TheWhiteRoom Wedding Venue, St. Augustine, FLA
Gourmet Coffee Station @TheWhiteRoom Wedding Venue, St. Augustine, FLA
Gourmet Coffee Station @TheWhiteRoom Wedding Venue, St. Augustine, FLA
Dinner venue @TheWhiteRoom Wedding Venue, St. Augustine, FLA
Dinner tables for weddings @TheWhiteRoom Wedding Venue, St. Augustine, FLA
Dinner featured grilled chicken, prime rib, all salads, and optionally delicious starch dishes
  • You can have a choice of meats, which my friend I think picked them all lean
  • Anyone who claims to be vegan can have their share of salads and pastas, too.
  • I loved the prime rib and veggies. It is heavenly Paleo.
  • Cake was amazing, with a delicious almond finish. I do not like sweets that much, but it was worth the couple of bites!

Get your dream wedding too!


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