The Cafeteria Chronicles: Mystery “Meatballz”


Right. So, back at work, as a school teacher, Lord forbid you forget your lunch.

I DO NOT complain, as I have never been a wealthy person, nor was I ever around those who were and had plenty- except the token rich kids that had it all. Well, I didn’t. I had enough.  I am very grateful for whatever I can get, and I love the Federal School Lunch program for coming to the rescue. 

So, this time, to keep it at least low(er) carb I did the following:

  • I refrained from noodles. The noodles may or may not have more fat and calories than meatballs but here’s the thing: they are loaded with carbs, while the meatballs are not. You would need to burn carbs through exercise to burn off the noodles and, as you know, teachers do not have jogging privileges except after school.
  • That bite off the garlic bread was THE only bite.
  • I loaded on the green beans and salad and, yes, I added dressing because, that is usually my last meal of the day.
  • And let me tell you, it will work itself off if you go very low on the carbs.

Remember, I am just another diet blog chic trying to stay in my current clothing size, or less. These tricks work for me, a non-expert, so they may work for you 🙂

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