The Cafeteria Chronicles: Breakfast Trifle

Back in the School Lunch/ Cafeteria Chronicles, here is one breakfast I totally detested for my students to have due to the sugar content.  A few suggestions with my caf friends may help make this a much better option using swaps. 


I do not do dairy, as in extra cheese, or milk, or pudding, or ice cream, or sour cream (I do the vegan options) only because of how dairy  hits the walls of the stomach.  The lactose, combined with added sugar, is an insulin nightmare. My students were eating this in the mornings, and it is no doubt why they felt uneasy and crazy all the time. 

So here is the swap we proposed:

  • Coconut cream yogurt instead of all sugar vanilla pudding. Another option is cherry vanilla Gerber baby food, or apricot. YES, they are easy on the tummy and delish!
  • Chocolate option is actual dark chocolate chips instead of pudding.
  • Cereal topping option were several:
    • slivered almonds, for those who are not allergic
    • regular, corn flakes, no sugar
    • vanilla bean shavings
    • sugar-free granola, with no nuts.

Making a better trifle for morning breakfasts allows our students catch a breather from generic foods.

PS: Like I’ve said before, I am 100% 🙌🏼for public education and the federal school lunch program. In fact, each time we have proposed alternatives, they have always brought it up to the top. These small changes make all the difference sometimes.

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