St. Augustine Restaurant Finds (and diet tips) Review of Florida Cracker Café 🐊

I can’t say that I was terrifically well-behaved in this place, but I found ways to control my portions so that my outfit for the getaway wedding I went to would still fit.  Check out my whole review of Florida Cracker cafe here.

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These are the views surrounding the Cafe, and of the food. Again, this challenge was about portion control, so here is what I did.

Tip 1:  We ordered exactly what we wanted. Depriving ourselves from ONE bite, may turn into binging on everything else. 

Tip 2: We each had 2 Fried Green tomatoes and agreed to take the rest. We split each sliver in half and used as much mustard as we wanted.

Tip 3: I only are the things from the salad that I truly wanted, namely, the cucumbers, carrots and shrimp.  Fried shrimp, not coconut- but the regular kind- is surprisingly low in calories, at around 300 cals a portion. So far, so good.

Tip 4: When dessert came *my companion wanted it* I managed to take 4 spoonfuls. After a while, I realized that restaurant portions are almost unsafe for any human consumption. Little by little you get to realize that. We took the rest to the Air BnB.

Tip 5: While I do not advocate in favor of any medication for behavior control, some people do need it. If you can benefit from an all-natural appetite control aid, use it. It is best to curb hunger when overeating may do more damage.

Also, walking around while you are on vacation does wonders. Take a hike, take a walk and dance the night away. All of it works!

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