Healthy St. Augustine Breakfast find🍳🥓🌯: Review of Dolce Café. All dietary needs in one place! And crepes too!!!!

I wanted to go to Dolce for breakfast because we had a long, lots of walking day ahead of us in preparation for my friend’s wedding. So, we had to energize with something that wouldn’t weigh us down. 

Veggie crepe
Dolce Cafe @St. Augustine, FLA
Dolce Cafe @St. Augustine, FLA
Dolce Cafe @St. Augustine, FLA
Dolce Cafe @St. Augustine, FLA

Enter, the vegetarian crepe. This lovely concoction features a mega light and fluffy pastry loaded inside with veggie goodness and a choice of cheese. Vegan and Paleo needs can be met, as I saw in the menu5QNIGo44Q%+G+tnS7l50mQYes! There are like 4 servings of lean veggies 🥒 🌶i🥕n🥑s🥗ide.

As always, I had to drop the starch halfway, as my body no longer tolerates high amounts of starch (yay!) and I dug into the good stuff from the start. The chips are optional, but the other option was a potato salad, or some other mega starch salad which I WOULD HAVE eaten, if I had been going hiking, and not walking around.

Try the place, it is amazing. Here is my review!

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