Cracker Barrel Hacks!

If you want your stuff and eat it too, look no further than swaps.  My boss and I found two potential candidates for SAFE EATING at the Barrel. Here is what we found:

  1.  Apple Cider BBQ chicken, stewed carrots, mashed potatoes.

  • 290 cals- chicken
  • 200 cals- mashed potatoes
  • 80 cals- carrots .   Total: 580 calories. Not bad!

LQI3eBepQeScCl0o4BGBCwDish 2: Chicken tenderloins, chicken and dumpling and cole slaw.


170 cals for 4 chicken tenderloins, grilled

356 calories in 1 cup chicken and dumplings

115 cals in 1 cup cole slaw

Total: 641 calories. Not too shabby!!!!

Granted: we didn’t touch the breads, but if you will make this your ONE meal prior to fasting, be our guest. it will only add 400 cals more for two roles.

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