🍽St. Augustine Finds! 🇨🇺Cuban Café and Bakery Review and diet tips

Ever been to lovely Havana, Cuba? Me either. However, from the tales of my Dad I can tell that the place is 100% unique, and this little place in Saint Augustine made me feel as if I was right there.  They sell the national Cuban drinks, all authentic foods and the ambience is heaven. Check out Cuban Café and Bakery and cry a little- tears of joy, that is.

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These Cuban delights are called:  1. Sandwich Cubano, or Cuban Sandwich (left) and 2. Medianoche Sandwich (Midnight).  

The first is made with a softer, nicer version of a French baguette, and the other is made with Pan Dulce, or sweet bread *think King’s Hawaiian, but bigger*

Both feature ham, sliced pork (in some cases) swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles. The combination is heavenly.

Saving calories:  I would never ask you to skimp on toppings for any Cuban sandwich. It is not worth it. 

Therefore, take advantage of the fact that these huge sandwiches, which could weigh in at nearly 1,000 calories,  can be easily split in half!  For less than 500 calories, you get the best of both worlds while saving some money by splitting half the sandwich with your company. 

Tip 2: Eat one half  of the sandwich “as is” and then eat the other half, without the bread. In reality, the bread and the cheese pack up the most calories in this sandwich. The meats are usually lean, and mustard has hardly any calories.  So, enjoy your first half with bread (or half of a half) and the other half without bread. You would be saving almost up to 500 calories in the process!

If you are making your own at home, I’d suggest to just use one half of a bread half *yes, half of half* and keep the toppings. They are filling and delicious.

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