Review of Hello Fresh! subscription box

I took advantage of a special to order this box. I have already tried Home Chef and it was OK, but (to me) it was too expensive to pay over $200 a month on a subscription box of ANY kind.  Plus, we were not eating the food fast enough —and then there’s my frustration with these boxes—chicken, pork and ground beef are normally NOT expensive. Why make it so?

My dream box would be a Vegetarian Indian Subscription box with TONS of goodies. Or a a Poke/Sushi/Sashimi box. Oh well.

IMG_2063The box was outside my door forever in the Alabama heat. Still, everything was frozen when I got home.IMG_2065

Perhaps because the packaging was so epic, and the ice thingies are huge. IMG_2066

BAD PICTURE WARNING:  Sorry for the blur! IDK why it came out so badly. They layer the meats at the bottom and the produce on top in the cutest bags. Wait til the next pic.


Ahh…Much better


So when you sign in, you get to see the menu, swap meals if you want to, and then review dishes for free food. That’s what the “Recipes” tab is for.

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 5.23.41 PM

These are the ones I got.  The turkey burgers were enough for 3 burgers, even though its for two, so they sent two buns. They sent thyme and panko to season. I am waaaay too partial to thyme. I subbed with adobo. The cranberry mayo was a great touch.

I had the tacos too. BF does not eat any vegetables so I ate the cole slaw alone. The meat is ground, not pulled, so its not like pulled pork tacos. The sauce was Hoisin, Soy and it tasted nice. I added a bit of Korean flavor. I haven’t had the steak yet.

Conclusion: I will order again, just not weekly. It is definitely too much food for me and 1/2 essentially. I enjoy cooking so much and these recipes give me a chance to try new things. I will keep you posted on whatever I find next :).

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