Take a look at Green Chef !

Took the plunge and ordered a Green Chef subscription box with a coupon. Although I visit the farmer’s market, chances are some of the things offered in many of the meals will ever cross paths with me. Moreover, The tapenade is to DIE FOR.  I love the recycling policies and habits of this company. LookContinue reading “Take a look at Green Chef !”

Flavor Gods: A delish diet discovery

I saw the first ad for flavorgods on Instagram and was curious. Imagine being able to triple the flavor of something, without extra calories. OR–Imagine giving anything that is low calorie the taste and feel of something that is not. Enter the best things on earth. And yes, they taste EXACTLY like they say theyContinue reading “Flavor Gods: A delish diet discovery”

Review of Hello Fresh! subscription box

I took advantage of a special to order this box. I have already tried Home Chef and it was OK, but (to me) it was too expensive to pay over $200 a month on a subscription box of ANY kind.  Plus, we were not eating the food fast enough —and then there’s my frustration withContinue reading “Review of Hello Fresh! subscription box”