New Sub-Series: 🤞🏽The Cafeteria Chronicles

IMG_6764In this new sub-series I reveal what happens when I leave my Paleo lunch or low carb goodies at home and end up submitting to the Lords of the Lunchroom.

I plan to:

  • Post the school cafeteria food calendar ahead of time, just for 💩 and 😆
  • Describe the meal itself, calorie content and nutritional value
  • Rate it in terms of

a) taste  – of course

b) fill-factor  – Do I want more?

c) presentation (if that is possible in a school cafeteria)

d) additive content – As in “How yellow can cheese really be?”

e) post traumatic effects

So, whenever you see the 🤞🏽 icon, it means an entry has been submitted.

Wait for it! It is happening! And this will be the dish I’ll be rating, btw.

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