🤞🏽The Cafeteria Chronicles: Broccoli Casserole

I gave you a preview of what would be this new sub-section in the blog, and I am pretty excited to feature it. Anyway, here’s the first “review” of our school cafeteria lunch.

🍀Broccoli Casserole:  The Lords of the Lunchroom concocted this amazing combination of rice, liquid gold, broccoli and (I am thinking) there was another binding element there, maybe powdered milk?

It was served with a side salad provided by the very sweet Ms. Neecy (altered name) and a nice spiced roll

IMG_6764Factor 1: Taste-  Due to my fear of things NOT tasting like anything, I added my habanero mega hot sauce to the entire thing, even the salad.  So, yes it tasted beautifully- to someone with very challenged taste buds.

Texture was ON POINT and as you can see it even made the crust happen! Good job!

b) fill-factor  – I thought Ms. Neecy was not being too nice giving me two scoopfuls of it, when I wanted like six of them.  Alas! My greediness knows no boundary. Still, the hot sauce has WONDERFUL hunger suppressant elements, which IS PARTLY WHY I love it so much. It was enough. But I still wanted more.

c) presentation– Not bad. The rice was beautifully mixed with the broccoli. If any of you have ideas on how to make this dish, please hit me up?

d) additive content – Surely being a school cafeteria you will have the powdered version of the cheese, plus powdered milk. They must boil the rice in broth because it had a pang of it. I liked it, I won’t lie.

e) post traumatic effects-  Nothing. Very soothing and, as it happens with rice, it goes well with your stomach.

HERE’S THE PROBLEM: I DO NOT EAT RICE as a Paleo Practitioner, so I had to stuff this one down the best way I could: thinking it was cauliflower. Hey, I am not the sanctimonious purist idiot telling people how to eat. We all flaw every once in a while.

CONCLUSION: This was a nice experience at around 750 CALORIES, according to the post. Just don’t eat any more than 750 calories extra after, go for a walk, drink plenty water and we shall be O.K.!

Thank you for reading!!

❤️You are loved!  And Don’t YOU FORGET IT!-  The Diet Blog Chic💋🍴

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