Avocado Burrata Toast


Any excuse to get an avocado in, eh?

I tried this recently and saw it as an appetizer at a local restaurant. As you know, I have an issue with appetizers  and so I made an experiment to have this as my main course.

It was an excellent example on how what seems like a small dish is actually a very rich, thick, meal.

FullSizeRender 2

This was a whole grain toast (I would have preferred Paleo) with a REAL mashed avocado with salt and lemon drops.

On top is a BURRATA cheese “egg” which is a fresh mozzarella ball filled with curds and cream. Its soft surface  breaks to spread even more creamy goodness.

MY RATING? AAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++. Easy to turn into a Paleo option at home using the right ingredients and, of course, I get my avocado fix! YUMMOOOO!!!!


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