Rethink Breakfast

Who ever made the capital rule that eggs and oatmeal were mandatory breakfast foods? 

Breakfast is the most important meal, AND—the most forgiving!!! You got all day to burn off breakfast calories… Why not make the best out of this chance?  Shoot, eat anything! 

Well… moderation is everything, really. Plus coffee and pastries are like snacks to me, if anything. They just do not hit the spot.

Here are some breakfasts I have made. They are so satisfying that I hardly eat the rest of the day. And I love it because they are healthy and delicious as well! 

AvoOlive bf salad

This is my Paleo friendly mini breakfast. The avo and olives are sprinkled with sea salt, black truffle olive oil and cherry balsamic vinegar. Aaaaaaahh! The 2nd one had some crab. 

Tamales/Pasteles for breakfast? This holiday delicacy is stuffed with meat and veggies and the outside is made of mashed roots such as yucca or plantain. Sounds Pale to me!

They are so delicious and filling that, even though they are wrapped in 2’s, all you need is HALF of one. 

Scotch eggs!!!

This British wonder is a boiled egg wrapped in sausage and covered in crumbs. Choose coconut flour to make it Paleo. ONE of these will get u full all day. And 😊.

Sashimi. Why not have lunch for breakfast. Any supermarket will slice a tuna or salmon steak sashimi style for you. 


Yep. I make the best Spanish rice and eat a cup for breakfast. Hey! It beats sugary milk and cereal. And it fills you up!

Share your ideas!

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