Top 10 Fall restaurant dishes for Paleo, Keto and others!

Whether you are keto, Paleo or vegetarian, the Fall menus offered in restaurants can give you exactly what you are looking for, diet-wise. Check out what we’ve found. 

1. Houlihan’s Squash lasagna – At less that 530 calories, u can enjoy a Super LOW Carb dish that is also comforting. 

2. Mellow Mushroom’s Magic Mushroom soup. This signature soup can be ordered vegan and contains zero breading. Toss those crackers.

3. Hibachi Express (or any other Asian chain) can serve delicious, protein packed dishes minus rice. This is a carb free bowl I ordered. 

4.Carnitas! (Any Mexican chain)- Order carnitas solo with a side of guacamole salad. Yes, the chips are tempting, but you can get your own Keto chips and bring them! (Ask first though)

5.Shrimp cocktails– Always in season! Don’t forget:  Pass on the crackers!

6.Houlihan’s Zuchinni spiral salad. Feels like eating  spaghetti but without the guilt! Less than 300 calories, too!

7. Lettuce cups– Always in season as long as the restaurant serves salads— which they do, all year long, btw. 

8. Don’t forget the soup! Clear broth chicken soups such as Cock A Leeky, served in BRITISH PUBS, are perfect choices!

9. Wings! Wings! Wings! With no sugary tops, wings are friends to Paleo and Keto dieters! 

10. Indian vegetarian dishes are available year-round, too. Watch the sauces and you, too,  can have tons of fun with food. 

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