The Salad Issue


I got into a few discussions today:  Are big, busy salads worse than eating pizza or burgers?  My take was NO. I already heard the argument of calories, fat, carbs and added “stuff” that people get with croutons, dressing, bacon bits and all. Still here’s what I think.

If you are watching carbs, BUSY salads may still be a BETTER choice- Toss the croutons, reach for the blue cheese and add bacon bits and you would STILL have a very low carb meal in a “busy” salad.

Suppose you order a California Cobb salad, which is MEGA BUSY and full of stuff.  One salad is around 700 calories, 35 grams of carbs and 2,000 sodium milligrams.  What’s your brain to do?

EAT HALF! Duh, or fill up with the goodies and set the roughage aside for later. There is plenty of pick from a Cali Cobb. Just half of a restaurant portion can do the trick.

Load up on proteins! Toss the bread and sugar!


Add seared tuna, steak, chicken or any other lean meat to a salad. The focus will be on the protein more than on the decorations of the salad itself. Stick to fruits, veggies, nuts for salad props and experiment with vinaigrette.  Toss the bread and sugar and enjoy a real meal that will go easy on your digestive system and won’t turn in to junk.

Avocados! Avocados! Avocados!


I cannot stress enough how big fruits and big meaty veggies can be the best basis for salads and dishes. This is the time for them:  pumpkins, squashes, you name it. These are the times when dieting is actually easier than ever! Get creative with the ways that you eat and really watch what you put where. It is as simple as that!!


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