🍳Scotch Eggs: You’re welcome! 

This is one big ball cut up in 4. It is a scotch egg. It has nothing to do with Scotland, even though it is a British staple dating back to 1743 where it was known as a pocket dish to fill you up and take to work.

The traditional Scotch Egg has an interesting history and the first recipe, back in 1802, called for leftover meats, a boiled egg, and a fried top. Today, they are made with sausage, boiled eggs, and low  carbers use coconut flour to bind them. 

Suffice to say, this is my favorite food. It only takes ONE to fill you up and it’s moderate in calories. Make them yourself! Or get them at the appetizer section of your local Brit pub. Irish pubs may not carry them but Scottish and English will . ENJOY!!! #scotcheggs

Published by herappleness

A born-again blonde, M.P. is a freelance writer working for 🔥AF companies such as Enotes, JustAnswer, Textbroker, BlogMutt, and Studypool (akaLikePlum). She is an ageless Anglophile 🇬🇧 obsessed w/ literature, tech, hot sauce, laced vinegar, fizzy water, and black tea. Can't stand "issues." Friends are strictly curated (and very successful) people. Loves all public servants.

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