🍳Scotch Eggs: You’re welcome! 

This is one big ball cut up in 4. It is a scotch egg. It has nothing to do with Scotland, even though it is a British staple dating back to 1743 where it was known as a pocket dish to fill you up and take to work. The traditional Scotch Egg has an interesting... Continue Reading →

How do you eat your avocado?

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I love mine bare bones! Just a bit of sea salt and truffle-infused olive oil 🤘🏽 FullSizeRender 106

The King of Superfoods is as versatile as it is green. Guacamole is just ONE way to eat it. But, first, some facts.


Low in carbs but loaded in all the good stuff,  try it on EVERYTHING!


I love guacamole like any other cat next door. The problem is that they tend to add dairy products, such as sour cream, to it. Make your own, or just eat it as a side dish!!!


This is my daily Paleo breakfast. I slice one in the low carb, grain free wrap.


And LOADS of ghost pepper sauce- Sorry, eggs and baconIMG_0839

I do not eat rice but I do love beans which I am going to cut back. Either way, it is a super combo.


And if you love spicy as I do, avos will help…

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