Keep it #LowCarb with the Right Carbs!


Carbohydrates are not bad. They are necessary.  Don’t fall for the carb trap and trick your body to get the good stuff in!

1. Get your crunch on!

Crunchy greens are as loud in texture as chips and crisps. Get creative with new flavors and colors, mixing them with sweet, dried fruit.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.01.18 PM.png
 Add flavored almonds to your favorite green, crunchy salad!                                  PHOTO: Tricolor Crunch Salad©thedietblogchic

2. “Lace” good, veggie carbs in fun, cool foods!

Like with pinchos (kabobs)! Lace each juicy, pork piece with a string of non-starchy veggies for a perfect combo.

Tomatoes, peppers, red onions, and even fresh pineapple go together beautifully. PHOTO: Gabe’s birthday pinchos ©thedietblogchic                              

3. Rubbed, not sauced!

Use dry rubs to season your meat, rather than sauces. You get the same punch for way less carbs and calories. Plus, they do not really count against you.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 2.00.14 PM

Use fruity, semi-sweet and smoky flavors. PHOTO: The Diet Chica’s Molasses Wings ©thedietblogchic

 **I just dipped these wings in egg whites and added the molasses rub on top. Baked them until they cooked, then broiled them a bit. This was the result. #legit.

4. Eat bread: The Right Bread!

Get bread that will not float around your body deciding how to metabolize itself. Ezekiel, Paleo, and a myriad of new choices are all everywhere! Look at the nutrition facts!

PHOTO:  This is TheDietChica’s “Better than Yo Momma’s Ham Sammich” 

5. An Apple a Day...

The one thing I AM good at, is eating fruit. That they were banned from #lowcarb #diets made me insane. EAT fruit.

PHOTO: Fresh Market apples ©thedietblogchic

Do not juice them, puree them, or stew them. Eat them raw. Fruits will not “fatten” you up and it certainly is a good practice to eat them.


Get your crunchy veggies in right before you start baking your casserole. Hide them, if you must, but stuff them in. Get your veggie serving in with complex carbs that will digest slowly with your yummy, cheesy dish.

PHOTO: Shiritaki casserole spice by the DIET BLOG CHIC


Really! Enjoy a traditional Mexican meal without the fluff of tortilla chips, rice and refried beans. Instead, eat half a tamale, which is a corn patty stuffed with meat. Eat a stuffed pepper and guac salad with it. It will make you feel great!

Tamales Mejicanos ©thedietblogchic

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